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The EURETILE project (EUropean REference TILed architecture Experiment) investigates and implements brain-inspired foundational innovations to the system architecture of massively parallel tiled computer architectures and the corresponding programming paradigm.

EURETILE is one of the Tera Device Computing projects granted by FP7.

As EURETILE partner, INFN Roma (project coordinator) contributes with:

  • a fault-tolerant Distributed Network Processor (DNP), which provides RDMA communication capabilities to the multi-tile HW architecture;
  • an application benchmark implementing Lattice QCD simulations.

EURETILE partners: ETH Zurich, RWTH Aachen, TARGET, TIMA

EURETILE coordinator: Pier Stanislao Paolucci - INFN (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare)

Go to EURETILE project official wiki site.

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