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OpenZz Compiler  (ZzC) is an Open Source tool targeted both as a compiler development framework and as an environment for language design. Its main purpose runs from rapid language prototyping up to full-fledged domain specific language compiler writing.

The ZzC tool is based on both OpenZz and the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC).  Given a target language, the user can build a compiler for it expressing both the syntax, in a manner similar to the standard BNF notation, and the semantic actions, using GCC syntax tree representation. The main idea is to target ZzC as a framework for prototyping and developing Domain Specific Languages (DSL). Our experience shows that an effective approach to DSL implementation can be based on the use of a dynamic language i.e. a language that can be extended at parse time by using special syntax extension statements.  A dynamic language is a good starting point for the development of a DSL as it provides a base syntax that can be easily expanded toward the formalism that belongs to the application domain --- maybe adding new data types and/or operators but keeping the original control flow statements. ---

The APE super-computer TAO language was our prototype of dynamic language.

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