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apeNEXT J&T processor design

The J&T processor has been designed in standard cell technology using the Atmel 0.18µ, 7 metal process. The chip die has a surface of 16x16 mm2 and contains 520K gates. The chip package is a BGA with 600pins. The chip target frequency is 200 MHz.

Apenext jet schema.jpg

Processor highlights are:

  • Low power consumption: 5W at 200MHz.
  • Complex algebra is supported in HW, to accelerate LQCD computation.
  • All data types have full 64 bit precision.
  • A*B+C operator for all data types: integer, double, vector integer, vector double, complex.
  • 8 KWord of on-chip instruction cache.
  • 256 MB DDR DRAM plus error correction (EDAC).
  • 128 bit, up to 200 MHz, local memory channel.
  • 6+1 on-chip, bidirectional, communication links with 200 MB/s of bandwitdh in LVDS technology.
Apenext jet floorplan.jpg

apeNEXT computing center

Inst 4racks.jpg

Inst 8racks.jpg