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'This is the Wiki of the Ape logo medium.png APE Project in Rome'

APE is an Logo-infn.pngINFN experiment.

Since 1984, the APE (Array Processor Experiment) group has designed four generations of massively parallel super-computers based on custom VLIW processors dedicated to Theoretical Physics, mainly High Energy Physics.
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APE Group Projects

Here we collect past and present APE Group projects:

APE Group activities in Roma

  • EURETILE, the FET funded project investigating and implementing brain-inspired foundational innovations to the system architecture of massively parallel tiled computer architectures and the corresponding programming paradigm. The INFN Roma APE group is mainly involved in the activities of the EURETILE_HW working group.
  • CASTNESS'11 Workshop: Computing Architectures,Sw tools and nano-Technologies for Numerical and Embedded Scalable Systems 17th-18th January 2011 in Roma - Italy.
  • The QUonG (Lattice QCD on GPUs) initiative.
  • APEng, i.e. ideas and facts about next generation APE project.
  • The apeNEXT Computing Center. The INFN Roma APE group has contributed to the project design of the facility, installed all of the system and network appliances, maintains the software and execution environment.
  • EU Integrated Project SHAPES. The INFN Roma APE group is mainly involved in the activities of the SHAPES_HW working group.
  • CASTNESS'08 Workshop and School: Computing Architectures and Sw Tools for Numerical Embedded Scalable Systems 15th-18th January 2008 in Roma - Italy.

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