APE Lab is looking for a motivated and enthusiast candidate for activities aimed at system software development and application porting on advanced HPC platforms, in the framework of the RED-SEA project.

Application submission details here, deadline: 20/05/2022

APE Lab is a INFN initiative started in 1984 with the goal of connecting theoretical physics and technology through the development of custom distributed and parallel computing systems. Since then, APE Lab has generated unique know-how, enabling cutting-edge research in HPC (High Performance Computing) with leading roles in the HPC community.

APE Lab has participated in several EU-funded projects, the last of which being RED-SEA.

The RED-SEA project prepares a new-generation European Network Interconnect, capable of powering the EU Exascale systems to come, leveraging efficient European interconnect technology (BXI) associated with a standard and mature technology (Ethernet), in full coordination with other EU-funded initiatives.

The INFN task in RED-SEA is two-fold:

  1. to design and implement the network interface card (APEnetX) based on PCIe interface to communicate with CPU and GPU accelerators, and prototyped exploiting Xilinx Alveo FPGAs.
  2. to support the co-design approach for network design activities focusing in particular on NEST application as a benchmark.

Job Details

Task: contribution to development of scalable network simulator based on Omnet++ framework as well as to the Linux Kernel Driver of the Network Interface Card.

Requirements: 24 months of demonstrated experience in software development and knowledge/development of linux kernel driver. Knowledge of simulator architectures, coding and use of MPI framework would be an advantage.