The Array Processor Experiment (APE) was an initiative started by the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN) under the guidance of Prof. Nicola Cabibbo and partnered by a number of physics institutions all over Europe.
Since its start in 1984, it has developed four generations of APE custom HPC machines: APE (1986), APE100 (1994), APEmille (1999) and apeNEXT (2005) dedicated to theoretical physics.

Since then, a long journey has been traveled, and several different research lines have been followed. Now, APE is Advanced Physics and Engineering: even when moving from our original path, we still keep in mind what we love and what we care.

We love Physics. We are fond of Computing. We are keen on Brain. We care for Optimal Performance.

Human Brain Project

High Performance Computing

High Energy Physics